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Our clients are not 08/15, but appreciate individual accompaniment and support from their fiduciary. We design the processes so that they are right for our clients with their specific characteristics and needs.



Financial accounting & annual financial statements (Abacus)

We keep your accounting correct and precise. Facts are clearly documented and are therefore still comprehensible and verifiable even after years.

  • Managing financial accounting

  • Preparation of annual financial statements

  • Reconciliation of accounts and preparation of financial reports

Value added tax (VAT)

Value added tax (VAT) determination & billing 

We support you in complying with tax regulations in the area of VAT. From investigation, reporting and monitoring to timely processing.

  • Tax Investigation & electronic billing

  • Official traffic, reporting and monitoring of VAT payments

  • Refund and timely processing



Annual financial statements

Cleanly prepared annual financial statements with appropriate explanations lead to fewer inquiries from the tax office. This saves you time, money and nerves. At the annual final meeting, we will show you risks and optimization options.

  • Preparation of meaningful annual financial statements that comply with commercial law

  • Analysis of risks and optimization opportunities

  • Recommendations for future financial decisions



Payroll services (payroll accounting, salary & personnel administration)

We relieve you of the entire wage administration and salary system. Salary components and fringe benefits are recorded in accordance with the law so that the salary subject to AHV can be determined accurately. This means you can face wage controls calmly.

  • Determination and recording of all salary components subject to AHV

  • Creation of pay slips and wage statements for employees

  • Creation of accounting documents for financial accounting



Billing with social insurance & withholding tax

Wage administration also includes social insurance and withholding taxes. We take care of this and maintain contact with the various insurance companies and authorities for you.

  • Billing and reporting of social security contributions

  • Withholding tax accounting for foreign employees

  • Advice on social security and withholding tax issues



Payroll administration for employees of foreign companies

We support companies in correctly processing payroll for their foreign employees in Switzerland.

  • Collection and management of wage and salary data

  • Calculation of deductions and taxes in accordance with Swiss law

  • Compliance with local rules and regulations



Advising start-ups

Would you like to take the step into self-employment and start your own company? We are here to support you. While you implement your business idea, we have your back on administrative matters.

  • Support in choosing the appropriate legal form

  • Identifying risks

  • Support in setting up accounting and personnel administration



Establishment of legal entities

We support you in establishing the legal entity that is optimal for your purposes. We create the necessary documents for you and support you in the administration. ​

  • Advice on selecting the appropriate legal form

  • Preparation of founding documents and contracts

  • Assistance with official registrations and registrations

Didn't find what you're looking for?

Contact us anyway. 

We focus on those areas in which we can call ourselves experts. Even though our expertise covers a broad spectrum, we cannot be top in all areas of law. If our customers have questions that we cannot meet at the quality level we set ourselves (e.g. in the area of competition and antitrust law or international estate planning), we refer them to our partners. Because a satisfied customer with excellent advice is more important to us than additional sales.

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